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Maintaining and setting up businesses has become more important as the World Wide Web spreads across multiple platforms. Creating, implementing, and managing your work isn’t easy when there is a shortage of IT professionals. Our IT Staff Augmentation Services arise from this situation.

Team Augmentation often provides not only a weight off the shoulders for the in-house staff, but a dramatic improvement in time to market – which can make all the difference between the success and failure of a software development project.

// What We Do

IT Staff Augmentation

Services We Provide

Add Extra Force in Your Existing Project

Augment your existing team with the extra talent to deliver a high-quality project within your timeline. Leverage our IT team augmentation services to build custom teams with a diverse set of skills to cover your business needs.

Long-Term Extended Team

We offer custom recruitment for stable cooperation - you get a developer hired with the required hard and soft skills. You or your project manager can supervise task completion, while we shoulder the rest.

Short-Term Staff Augmentation

Leverage this hiring model for urgent hiring of tech talent. Along with ready-to-go teams, we have a candidate base of top talent that can take on the job within a week.

Vendor Transition

Looking for a new technology provider to launch your solution? We assist you in a smooth and effective vendor transition and take over your project in the middle of your journey.

Augmented Teams

Web Developers


Software Testers

DevOps Engineers

Mobile Developers

Customer Experience

Website Hack Repair

SIEM Threat Detection

Malware Removal

Managed Web App

Why Choose Luul Solutions

Benefits Of Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

No Recruitment Hassles

Our IT augmentation services save your company the hassle of searching.

Lower Operational Costs

Reduce your company spending by eliminating the costs of office space, equipment, and taxes.

Fewer Legal Hassles

Within our IT augmentation services, we remain the official employers of your hires.

Access to Vetted Talent

Luul solution's Software offers you immediate access to a vast talent pool at affordable costs.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Desktop or mobile: Reach your tribe wherever you go. One responsive design for their big screens and the palm of their hands.

24/7 Online Support

24/7 Online Support

Respond and resolve your customer queries instantly by implementing live chat as they demand immediate response

Quality Product

Quality Product

Our clients are aware that they can depend on us to offer services of the greatest possible quality achievable.

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